#NotAll book tag

I randomly found this book tag, and though I haven’t been officially tagged to do it, I thought it would be fun to do. This tag has been created by the orangutan librarian

#NotAll Cover Changes  A cover change you like

Image result for the book thief   Image result for the book thief

I really like the newer cover for the book thief, it really captures the feel of the story.

#NotAll Adaptations  An adaptation you love more than the book

Image result for the bridge to terabithia  Image result for the bridge to terabithia

I did like the Bridge to Terabithia book, however I liked the movie a little more.

#NotAll Tropes  A trope you’ll never tire of seeing

Image result for harry potter books  Image result for lord of the rings books

I’d go with the traditional good vs evil theme. As much as I love morally grey characters and grey and gray morality, I also enjoy knowing whom to root for in books.

#NotAll Instalove  You instaloved this instacouple

Image result for the selection series the crown

I wasn’t a huge fan of this book, but I thought the romance between Princess Eadlyn and the guy she chose was cute, even though it happened a little too fast.

#NotAll Love Triangles  An example of a love triangle done well

Image result for the night circus

Perhaps its because it was quite obvious whom he was going to end up with, but I thought the pseudo-love triangle between Isobel, Marco and Celia was quite well done.

#NotAll Parents  Bookish parents that, you know, parent!

Image result for a murder on malabar hill

This is a book I read recently, a mystery set in India in the 1920s. The main character, Perveen Mistry was one of the first Indian female lawyers, and she had great parents. Jamshedji and Camelia Mistry were quite progressive for their times, and really supportive of their daughter.

#NotAll Villains  A villain you love

Spoiler Alert for the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

Image result for eldest book

Murtagh. I don’t know if he’s strictly speaking, a villain. He  ends up doing some terrible things, but he really has no choice in the matter, and I really felt for him.


#NotAll Chosen Ones  A chosen one you can get behind

Image result for harry potter books

I don’t really dislike the chosen one trope at all. I think is a good trope if done well.


#NotAll Hyped Books  A book that lived up to the acclaim


At first, i couldn’t get into this book at all. I found it slow and boring. However, soon enough it got interesting, and I found it a nice, heartwarming read and definitely worth its hype.

#NotAll *Insert Favorite Genre* — A book you’re not keen on from your favorite genre

Image result for do androids dream of electric sheep

While  I don’t have a favorite genre, Sci-fi is one of my favorites. However, Philip K Dick’s Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep just didn’t stick with me.

#NotAll *Insert Least Favorite Genre* — A book you liked from a genre you don’t often read

Image result for crazy rich asians book

I am not a huge fan of light-hearted rom-com type books, however I did really like Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.


I’m not tagging anyone, but if this tag is something you’d like to do go ahead and consider yourself tagged.


One thought on “#NotAll book tag

  1. ooh that’s a cool cover for book thief!! I agree with you about the movie version of bridge to terabithia, even though I liked the book. I love a good vs evil theme. Eleanor oliphant definitely lived upto the acclaim for me. Awesome answers!


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