Non-Fiction November TBR

So, I  decided I’d do non-fiction November kind of informally. I am not following any of the prompts or anything, I just  thought I’d try reading more of non fiction than I normally do.

Here are the books I’m planning on reading.

  1. Reason, Faith and Revolution by Terry Eagleton

Image result for reason faith and revolution

I was mainly drawn to this book by its cover. This is Terry Eagleton’s ideas about religion, and his critique of New Atheism. I don’t think I would agree completely with the stuff in this book, but I thought it would be an interesting read.

2. My Brief History by Stephen Hawking

Image result for my brief history stephen hawking

I’ve  always admired Stephen Hawking, and I think this would be an interesting read.

3. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Image result for into the wild book

I’ve heard a lot about this book, which tells the story of a man who left his life and wandered into the wilderness only for his body to be found a few months later. Looks quite interesting.

Those are the non fiction books I’m planning to read.


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