The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

The Bride Test - Helen Hoang - 9781760876029 - Allen & Unwin ...

Romance is a genre I have gotten into only recently. I used to think that reading romance was pointless since we already know how the story would end. However, knowing how the characters end up there can be great fun, especially if you are attached to the characters.

Helen Hoang is probably my favourite romance writer. I absolutely loved The Kiss Quotient. This one, I liked a little less, but all the same, I really enjoyed it.

This follows Khai, who is autistic and finds it difficult to get into relationships because of that. Khai’s mother tries to set him up with Esme, a young woman from Vietnam. While Khai is initially aloof towards Esme, they end up falling in love.

Esme was my favourite part of the book. A single mother from a poor Vietnamese family, she is smart and good-natured and determined to make a good life for herself and her daughter. She sees some great character development throughout the book. Khai gets his share of character development as well, he learns to express his feelings better. The story itself was cute, though I didn’t find the characters personally relatable, unlike with The Kiss Quotient (which I can’t help comparing it with). But I do have to give it up for Helen Hoang for creating strong and unique female characters and likable male characters.

There definitely were little flaws and unlikely elements in the book, however the story itself was so cute and fun I could ignore it.



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