A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

I just finished reading A Little Life and I HATE it and I LOVE it at the same time!

If you somehow still don’t know what this book is about, it is about four friends in New York through the years, with the focus on Jude St Francis, a man whose life has been incredibly, unimaginably painful. This book made me care about its characters more than any book had in YEARS.

I knew all along how sad it was going to be, in fact, I was spoiled for large parts of it. I knew what was coming for much of the books, though some of it did catch me by surprise. Yet, that did not make it any less hard hitting.

I’ve heard some of the criticisms regarding this book. I’ve heard it being called ‘torture porn’. I’ve heard the criticism about Yanagihara being a woman who writes about queer men being tortured. And I acknowledge that that those critics have a point. Yet, this book is one that would be unforgettable for me. If it set out to be emotionally manipulative, the book did a damn good job.

Rating:4.5/5. I think I’ll only be reading light-hearted stuff for the rest of the month.

Trigger warning for pretty much everything.

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