Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I’ll NOT pick up a book.

Welcome to another Top Five Wednesday. Today’s topic is Themes/tropes that will make you NOT want to pick a book up, and here’s my list.


  1. Billionaire love interests: Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against billionaires. I just feel that this has been really overdone in New Adult romances. Surely there are other ways of making a character appealing.
  2. Cocky, dominating male love interests: UGGH! I hate such characters so frickin much. It’s okay to be confident, but I hate it when the male characters are shown to be really dominating and the female characters find that attractive.
  3. The womanizer who is not really one: I just realized that I am listing so many New Adult tropes. I guess that’s why I tend to avoid that genre. Anyway, this another trope I think is annoying as fuck.
  4. Cheesy couples on the covers of non-romance books: Sometimes the blurb says it is a badass book about fighting or aliens or whatever, but there is this really cheesy couple on the cover. Instant turn off.
  5. Naked people or steamy scene on the cover of a book that really doesn’t have much sex in it: I can understand it when erotica or steamy romances have such covers. However, there are also these romances which have like two sex scenes with a really steamy cover. One word-WHY?
  6. Paranormal romance: Honestly, if I ever found out vampires or werewolves are real, I’d have bigger things to think about than which boy I want to make out with.
  7. Fairy-Tale retellings without much creativity : I love some fairy tale retellings-The Lunar Chronicles for one. However, I feel that there are many retellings out there that are really unorginal. I also think that some authors write retellings just because they are unable to come up with a new plot.
  8. Dark Fairy -Tale retellings: I don’t mind if they’re done right,but I feel some of them are there just  for the shock value.

SO, that’s it. Today’s top ten is a top eight. DO share your opinions.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I’ll NOT pick up a book.

  1. I had to hit the like button as soon as I read #1. I think the billionaire boyfriend trope is so annoying because it’s just an excuse for him to never have anything better to do with his time than obsess over the girl and cater to her every whim because he can pay someone to handle his real life for him.
    However, as I’m about to release my own fairytale retelling in August, I’ll have to hope I didn’t fall into the unoriginal pile. Haha 😉

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